la Casetta Rossa

Italian language and culture for children

Why Enroll in La Casetta Rossa

At La Casetta Rossa, we believe that children can learn a foreign language in the context of fun activities. Our program is meant to be an imaginary journey through Italy, by introducing theme-based learning, basic grammar, reading and writing, in a full-immersion setting. We consider songs, interactive storytelling, age-appropriate games, dramatic play, painting and cooking as beneficial media for learning a new language. Thus, entertaining activities are incorporated into each class to enable Italian vocabulary retention and overall language comprehension.

La Casetta Rossa will help your child to:

  • Assimilate Italian vocabulary, common phrases, and idiomatic expressions;
  • Acquire knowledge of basic Italian grammar, with focus on phonetics (alphabet and syllables), functional structures and verb conjugations;
  • Learn conversational basics and pronunciation;
  • Discover the contemporary culture of Italy, through Italian tales, customs, music, holidays and traditions;
  • Learn Italian geography, by means of imaginary travels through its famous cities and landmarks;
  • Gain exposure to Italy’s ancient history, arts and classical music, via an overview of the Ancient Roman times and the remarkable creations by Italian painters, sculptors, poets, composers, mathematicians and architects;
  • Develop interest in the Italian cuisine, through tasty cooking projects and authentic recipes.

These goals will be tailored on the individual student’s proficiency level, and schedule of attendance. To provide maximum results, La Casetta Rossa recommends enrollment to at least two days a week, if possible.

La Casetta Rossa encourages a love for Italian language and culture from a young age. Join our program today!